North Country Business Council

We are the alliance of businesses, professionals, organizations, farms and government in Essex County, New York. Once you belong to the Essex County Business Council, you have complete access to the following and much more:

  • SMALL BUSINESS ANSWER SERVICE: Free answers to any business question anytime. Examples: Regulatory compliance. Employment law. Contacts. Sources of information. Financing programs. Whatever. We're there to help!
  • HEALTH INSURANCE: Access to the full menu of Health Insurance choices available in Essex County, and objective, professional services and advice. OUR COSTS CANNOT BE BEAT!
  • NETWORKING: Access to periodic Business Networking events around Essex County.
  • WORKSHOPS: Discounted access to business workshops and forums on topics such is E-commerce, employment laws, marketing and more.
  • WEBSITE: A Free Directory Listing on this web site with free hotlinks to your own website and e-mail address.
  • COMMERCE CARD: Access to free marketing to over 45,000 potential customers through the North Country Commerce Card.
  • DISCOUNTS: Access to electricity discounts and other savings programs,
  • WORLD TRADE: Access to support services for exporting and world trade activities.
  • GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS: Helping Essex County business be heard in Albany, Washington and on the county level. Your membership and support builds a collective voice for business that is important for you and our County.
  • THE LOBBY: Free subscription to The Chamber LOBBY, a bi-monthly newsletter for North Country businesses on timely government issues at all levels.
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Supporting and directly participating in important economic development strategies and projects for Essex County such as natural gas distribution, telecommunications development, infrastructure upgrades, and much more. Be part of the conversation and effort.
  • WORKFORCE: Joining with businesses countywide: to help address workforce training, recruitment and retention issues .
  • . . . and a whole lot more!


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North Country Chamber of Commerce

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